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Regarding Changes to Summoning

Hello, everyone! It's the Dragalia Lost team here, to share news of an upcoming update.
Starting after the maintenance on Apr 25, 2019(PT)/Apr 26, 2019(UTC), we'll be changing how summoning works.

■Background Information
We've received a lot of feedback since the game's release regarding summoning and adventurer building.
The team has been reviewing this feedback and implementing it in the form of overall game balance,
but have not yet been able to improve summoning in a way to really satisfy players.

Therefore, in order to create a game that you, the players, can enjoy even more, we're changing how summoning works.
To go along with this, we'll also be changing how you can acquire wyrmprints as well as the amount of eldwater you'll get.

You can read about these changes below.

■Summoning Changes
Wyrmprints have appeared in summon showcases since launch, but after this update, they will no longer appear when summoning.
Even though wyrmprints will no longer appear in summon showcases, the total appearance rate for each rarity will remain unchanged as described below.

・5★ total appearance rate: 4.00%
・4★ total appearance rate: 16.00%
・3★ total appearance rate: 80.00%

For the appearance rates of featured adventurers and dragons after these changes are put into effect,
check the appearance rates for the individual showcases after the maintenance starting at Apr 25, 2019(PT)/Apr 26, 2019(UTC) completes.

■Acquiring Wyrmprints
You'll be able to exchange eldwater for wyrmprints from the in-game Shop.
This includes wyrmprints that have previously appeared in summon showcases.
We also plan on making it so there is a low chance of acquiring some wyrmprints, including 5★ wyrmprints, from quests.

Check below for the amount of eldwater required for acquiring wyrmprints from the Shop.

Trade #       5★      4★     3★
1            4,000    2,000    200
2            6,000    3,000    300
3            9,000    4,000    400
4            9,000    4,000    400
5            9,000    4,000    400

Note: From the sixth wyrmprint onward, the amount of eldwater required will reset, starting again with the amount required for the first trade.

■Changes to the Amount of Eldwater Acquired
Considering the amount of eldwater required to upgrade adventurers' co-abilities,
and now the amount required to obtain wyrmprints, we will be changing the amount of eldwater you can acquire.

The amount of eldwater you'll get when summoning a duplicate adventurer and when you part ways with a dragon you summoned will change as detailed below.

Before: 3,000
After: 8,500

Before: 1,000
After: 2,200

Note: There will be no changes to the amount of eldwater you get for 3★ adventurers and dragons,
selling wyrmprints, or parting ways with dragons distributed during events.

■A Gift of Eldwater
We will be giving eldwater to players who meet either of the following conditions.

1. Before the changes were implemented, if you received eldwater for summoning a duplicate 4★ or 5★ adventurer.
2. Before the changes were implemented, if you received eldwater for parting ways with a 4★ or 5★ dragon you summoned.

・Gift details:
Players will receive the following eldwater amounts for each adventurer and dragon that meet the conditions described above, according to its rarity.
5★: 5,500 (the difference between the new and the old amounts)
4★: 1,200 (the difference between the new and the old amounts)

■Gift Delivery Schedule
We are planning to deliver the gift to eligible players by the end of Apr 25, 2019(PT)/Apr 26, 2019(UTC).
You'll be able to accept the eldwater from your goodie box.

■Thank-You Gift
And finally, we'll be sending the following items to players as a thank-you gift.

・Wyrmite x4,500
・Eldwater x25,000

This thank-you gift will be delivered by the end of Apr 26, 2019. You'll be able to accept it from your goodie box.

We hope that these changes will increase your overall game satisfaction and help you enjoy the summoning and adventurer building more than ever before!

As always, thanks for playing Dragalia Lost!