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Update Notification [Addendum]

The update to version 1.1.2 will be made available Oct 28 20:00(PT).
An automatic update is scheduled to occur at approximately Oct 29 20:00(PT).
A Tenfold Summon Voucher will be sent as a gift to players as a thank-you for updating to the latest version. This message will be updated when the gifts are sent out.
Version 1.1.2 introduces additional features around the new event, as well as fixes to some issues. See below for details.
■New features/adjustments:
The following features and changes have been implemented.
・The limit for getherwings will be increased from 6 to 12, with the maximum able to be held at one time increased from 50 to 99.
・During raid battles, adventurer AI has been adjusted to perform more offensively.
Note: This will not apply to non-raid battle quests.
・Guests in raid events can now receive a chance to participate in an Extra Battle after clearing an Expert Raid.
・During weapon crafting, a message will now be displayed when a weapon needs to be unbound.
・It now takes less time before an adventurer can move after performing a dash attack.
・The Auto function now carries over into the next quest.
Note: It will be reset when the game is restarted or when beginning a co-op game.
・Camera distance adjustments made during gameplay are maintained.
・When using the optimize feature to optimize adventurers with the Adventurers (under Apply To) option checked, weapons and dragons that match the adventurers' elements will be given priority.
・When using the optimize feature to optimize adventurers with the All (under Element) option checked, weapons and dragons that match the adventurers' elements will be given priority.
・The amount and types of upgrade materials used when choosing Auto to upgrade weapons and dragons have been optimized.
・Tapping and holding the Castle button at the bottom of the screen will take you directly to the castle grounds.
・AI adventurers will move toward treasure chests when the Auto feature is enabled.
・Stat bonuses gained from equipping weapons, dragons, and characters with matching elements are now calculated into your team's Might. 
・Required might is now a condition to take part in raid events.
Note: This will be reflected beginning with the Kindness and Captivity raid event.
■Campaign Updates [Addendum Oct 31 18:30(PT)]
The presentation of the following Campaign chapters has been updated.
・Ch. 5/3-3 The Channeling Chamber
・Ch. 5/4-1 Zethia
・Ch. 6/4-4 Diadem of Light
■Issues fixed:
The following issues have been fixed:
・Tapped facilities would sometimes immediately become deselected.
・Tapping and holding the Castle icon at the bottom of the screen on certain menus would cause the game to stop responding.
・Detailed information on helpers' stats was not being correctly reflected at the start of quests.
・Attempting to switch to the Upgrade menu while transitioning to other menus would sometimes result in an error.
・The message "recommended might" was mistakenly displayed instead of "required might" at the start of quests in which your required might was too low.
・It sometimes would become impossible to progress in mana circles.
・Performing certain steps in a mana circle would sometimes cause the game to become unresponsive at the load screen.
・In the Helper Settings menu, the details screen for your chosen adventurer was not displaying the skill level.
・During co-op play, Zodiark would sometimes stop moving after a guest would give up.
・In the matching screen for co-op play, ability and element-buff values were not being reflected on the adventurer-information screen.
・Status-down effects were being amplified too much when certain adventurers used skills during co-op play. (Update to ver. 1.1.2 is required for all the members in the co-op room.)
・Errors would sometimes occur when determining how much time was required to recover getherwings.
・Adventurers recovering from stun as a result of Verica's skill could not perform normal attacks, dash attacks, force strikes, and dodges.
・In the Pending Requests menu, accepting or denying requests from the bottom of the screen would cause the list's display to become corrupted.
・When looking at the detail screen for your friends' adventurers, their equipment was not being displayed.
・In the Graphic Settings menu, selecting Good or Sharp was making Force Strikes difficult to perform.
・The English language display was displaying line breaks in the middle of certain words.
・Quests shown on the tips screens were displaying the incorrect suggested might.
・The facility level was not taking the smithy level into account when trying to level the smithy.
It may take time for the update information to be reflected in the store.
Users may not be able to perform the update due to their device's data cache being full.
If you are unable to perform the update, restart your device, wait a few minutes, and then attempt the download from the store.

To be added Oct 29 20:00(PT)

The following will be sent to players who started the game by Oct 29 20:00(PT):

・Tenfold Summon Voucher x1

This will be sent to your goodie box when you log in, and you can claim it until Nov 5 19:59(PT). This is seven days after it's sent to your goodie box.

[Addendum To be added Oct 30 2:00(PT)]

The following update was added to the list of new features/adjustments.

・Stat bonuses gained from equipping weapons, dragons, and characters with matching elements are now calculated into your team's Might. 


[Addendum To be added Oct 31 4:30(PT)]

The following issue was not correctly fixed in update 1.1.2. We have removed it from the list of fixed issues.
・The Sort by Element + Ascending order in the Friend List was not functioning correctly.
We will be fixing this issue in a future update.


Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost!