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Announcing the Facility Event The Miracle of Dragonyule!

The facility event The Miracle of Dragonyule started at Dec 16 22:00,2018(PT)!
The season of Dragonyule has arrived!
Yuletrees decorate the town as the people eagerly await the arrival of Saint Starfall. But wait...are those fiends here to ruin the Dragonyule festivities?!
Will the prince and his friends be able to reclaim their peaceful holiday?
■ Event overview:
In The Miracle of Dragonyule, players can acquire a Yuletree, an event-specific facility. If you take part in the event, you'll have the chance to build one in your Halidom!
The Yuletree powers up the stats of water-element adventurers, which you'll want to use in this event. It also boosts the damage adventurers deal to enemies in The Miracle of Dragonyule quests.
Try to advance the event story and level up your Yuletree!
Adventurers can equip event-specific wyrmprints, which can be acquired from Treasure Trade or as event-specific rewards, to receive extra astral ornaments from these quests, which are used to upgrade the Yuletree. Wyrmprints are good for more than just that, though, so try to get ahold of them to get the most out of this event!
Note: Special effects conferred by event-specific wyrmprints do not apply if you begin a quest during the event period but complete the quest after the event period has ended.
Check below for details related to the Miracle of Dragonyule facility event.
■Event duration:
Dec 16 22:00,2018(PT) to Dec 26 21:59,2018(PT)
■Reward period:
Dec 16 22:00,2018(PT) to Jan 2 21:59,2019(PT)
■Yuletree, the event-specific facility:
Building a Yuletree in your Halidom increases the stats of water-element characters.
It also confers a special effect that lets you deal more damage to enemies in these event quests.
The strength of this effect increases as you level up the Yuletree.
This effect only applies for the duration of this event.
You'll need astral ornaments to level up your Yuletree, which you can find in these event quests.
■Upgrade item, astral ornaments:
You can get these from event quests related to the Miracle of Dragonyule facility event.
■Boss battles:
These are quests where players face off against bosses who appear in the event story.
Rewards vary depending on the difficulty selected.
■Extra boss battles:
While the difficulty level is higher than the expert version of the boss battle, the rewards are generous and the battles do not cost stamina.
These will unlock at a fixed percentage when you clear the expert version of a boss battle.
The quest will disappear once you clear it.
Once the conditions for the quest are met, you can unlock it repeatedly.
This quest can be played in co-op.
■Daily battles:
These are daily quests specific to this event that can be cleared once a day.
They become unlocked after the first time you clear the beginner version of the boss battle.
These quests offer various kinds of rewards.
You can retry as many times within a day until you are able to clear it.
This quest is single player only.
■Challenge battles:
These are high-difficulty fights limited to solo play.
They're unlocked after beating the boss battle on expert rank.
The quest pits you against waves of enemies. Even if you don't defeat them all, you'll still receive rewards based on how many waves you cleared.
■Holiday cheer rewards:
These are event points exclusive to The Miracle of Dragonyule.
They can be earned by clearing event quests.
Collect holiday cheer rewards and you can acquire prizes.
■Treasure Trade rewards:
You can trade gingerbread men and dragonyule wreaths, which are acquired during quests, at the Treasure Trade for various rewards.
These endeavors can only be attempted for the duration of the event.
They are separated into Daily and Limited variations.
By accomplishing these endeavors, you can receive various rewards.
1. Details for the event are available by tapping Help on the event page.
2. You must clear Ch. 2 / 2-1 (Normal), The Sylvan Archer, to participate in event quests.
3. If the event ends while you are in a battle, the battle will continue until the results are determined. You will be able to gain rewards according to the results of the battle.
4. The event schedule and content for The Miracle of Dragonyule may change without warning.
Thank you for playing the Dragalia Lost game!