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New Facility Event, The Accursed Archives, Is Now Live!

A new facility event, The Accursed Archives, went live Mar 11 23:00 2019(PT)/Mar 12 06:00, 2019(UTC)! 

One fateful day, the entire population of a small village vanishes seemingly without a trace. In order to figure out why, the prince and his friends break the seal on a mysterious library... But this led to greater mysteries still. What awaits them is a garden of madness beyond description. Absolute and nightmarish chaos. In a library enveloped by riddles and fear, can they discover the ultimate truth?

■Event Overview
In The Accursed Archives, you can acquire an event-exclusive facility: the Library Obscura. If you play the event, you’ll have the chance to build one for your Halidom! 

The Library Obscura boosts the stats of shadow-attuned adventurers, which you’ll want to use in this event. It also boosts the damage that adventurers deal against enemies in event quests. Progress through the event story and level up your Library Obscura.

Adventurers can equip event-specific wyrmprints to receive more arcane tomes from these quests, which are used to upgrade the Library Obscura. Wyrmprints are good for more than just that, though, so try to get a hold of them to get the most out of this event!

Please note that special effects conferred by event-specific wyrmprints do not apply if you begin a quest during the event period but complete the quest after the event period has ended.

■Event Duration
Mar 11 23:00 2019(PT)/Mar 12 06:00, 2019(UTC) to Mar 19 22:59, 2019(PT)/Mar 20 05:59, 2019(UTC)

■Reward Availability Period
Mar 11 23:00 2019(PT)/Mar 12 06:00, 2019(UTC) to Mar 26 22:59, 2019(PT)/Mar 27 05:59, 2019(UTC)

■Event-Exclusive Facility: Library Obscura
Building the Library Obscura in your Halidom increases the stats of shadow-attuned adventurers.
It also confers a special effect that lets you deal more damage to enemies in these event quests. 
The strength of this effect increases as you level up the Library Obscura.
This effect only applies for the duration of this event.
You'll need arcane tomes to level up your Library Obscura, which you can find in these event quests.

■Upgrade Item: Arcane Tomes
You can get these from event quests related to The Accursed Archives facility event.

■Boss Battles
Boss Battles are quests where you can face off against boss enemies that appear in the event story. Rewards vary depending on the difficulty cleared.

■Extra Boss Battles
While the difficulty level is higher than the event Boss Battle on Expert difficulty, the rewards are generous and the battles do not cost stamina or getherwings. 
Extra Boss Battles occasionally appear after clearing the event Boss Battle on Expert difficulty. It will disappear again after being successfully cleared. Once the conditions for the quest are met, you can unlock it repeatedly. This quest can be played either solo or co-op.

■Challenge Battles
Challenge Battles are high-difficulty quests limited to solo play, and are available in Expert and Master difficulties. The Expert difficulty Challenge Battle is unlocked after completing the event boss battle on Expert difficulty, and the Master difficulty Challenge Battle will unlock when you complete the Expert difficulty Challenge Battle. This quest will have you testing your strength against waves of enemies. If you fail to reach the last wave, you will still receive rewards for the ones you did clear. Finally, the drop rate for rewards differs based on the difficulty.

■Forbidden Knowledge Rewards
Forbidden Knowledge points are event-exclusive points which can be earned by clearing event quests. Collect them to earn all kinds of rewards!

■Treasure Trade Rewards
You can earn divulgent lenses and prudent bookmarks by playing event quests and trade them for various rewards on the Treasure Trade menu.
What's more, in this event you'll be able to trade the various items acquired during the event for other items acquired during the event.

These endeavors can only be attempted for the duration of the event. They are separated into Daily and Limited variations. By accomplishing these endeavors, you can receive various rewards.
1. You can see more details about this event by tapping Help on the event page.
2. Players must have completed up to Chapter 2 / 2-1 (Normal), The Sylvan Archer, of the campaign to participate.
3. If the event ends while you are playing an event quest, the quest will continue until results have been determined and you will be able to gain the rewards shown.

Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.