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Issue when building both a Sweet Retreat and a Light Altar in the Castle Grounds[Addendum]

It has come to our attention that when both the Sweet Retreat and Light Altar are built in the Castle Grounds, only one of these buildings' stat boosts takes effect.

The event effect of the Sweet Retreat is functioning properly.

We are currently investigating this issue.
Any further updates will be added to this notice.

Thank you for your patience.


[Addendum Oct 18 02:30(PT)]

The above-mentioned issues have been fixed.
If you have already placed the Sweet Retreat, put it away into the Storehouse, and then place it again to have the stats boost effect take place correctly.

As a token of our appreciation for your patience, we gave out the following gifts to players who started the game before Oct 18 01:00(PT).

・Quality Honey x10

These items can be received from your goodie box upon login until Oct 25 00:59(PT).

Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.