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Flamehowl Ruins event, now available!

The Flamehowl Ruins event starts Oct 25 23:00(PT).
This event will offer an opportunity to strengthen your flame-element adventurers, who will play an important role in the next raid event: Kindness and Captivity!
For the duration of this event, all difficulties of the Flamehowl Ruins will be available at all times. You can use this as a chance to acquire items to improve your flame-element adventurers.
Additionally, the rewards you can get from daily bonus for the Flamehowl Ruins will be doubled during this event. And if you have a 7-Day Pack (Double Bonus) active, the rewards for Flamehowl Ruins bonus will be quadrupled (4x) the regular amount!
■Event duration:
Oct 25 23:00(PT) to Oct 30 22:59(PT)
The event schedule and content may change without warning.
Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost!