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Skill Adjustments [Addendum]

We have found an issue in which some skills are not landing on Hypnos, the raid boss for the event Kindness and Captivity.
As this will significantly impact how players enjoy the raid boss, we have adjusted the attack radius for the affected skills.
The following skills will be adjusted so that they will land on enemies located higher than the characters using them.
Eleonora's first skill, Viper Bolt
Luca's first skill, Radiant Bonds
Rawn's second skill, Critter Slayer
Waike's second skill, Cascade Shot
Thunderbow's weapon skill, Divine Thunder
Accelerator's weapon skill, Midair buster
As a thank-you for your patience, we would like to offer the following items to anyone who started the game by Oct 30 23:00(PT).
・300 Wyrmite
You can claim this from your goodie box.
Any further updates regarding this issue will be added to this notice.
Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.
[Addendum Oct 31 00:30(PT)]
The wyrmite has been delivered.
It will appear in your goodie box when you log in, and you can claim it until Nov 6 22:59(PT).
This is seven days after it's arrived in your goodie box.
Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.