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Issue Regarding Halidom Tutorial [Addendum]

We have found an issue where some users cannot complete the Halidom tutorial in Chapter 1, Story 4-6 ("With Holy Shard and Shadow") because they don't have enough rupies to build the first rupie mine.


We are currently investigating this issue.

Any further updates regarding this issue will be added to this notice.


Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.


Addendum added Nov 15 00:00, 2018(PT).
This issue has been fixed in the version 1.1.5 released on Nov 13 20:00, 2018(PT) so that 50 rupies are given during tutorial.

As a compensation for this issue, we've handed out 50 rubies to all players who have started the game since Nov 14 23:00, 2018(PT).
The present will be available in your goodies box for 7 days after it's sent.

Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.