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Changes to Daily Bonus

The rewards of the daily bonus have been changed as annnounced in the ”Maintenance on Nov 14" notice.


Day 1: 5,000 mana instead of 1 quality Honey

Day 2: 5,000 mana instead of 3,000 mana

Day 4: 20,000 rupies instead of 10,000 rupies

Day 8: 2 exquisite honey instead of 1 exquisite honey


As a gift for bearing with the change to the daily bonus, we are sending out 3 quality honey (changed the name from exquisite honey, which was incorrect) to all players who started the game before Nov 14 23:00, 2018(PT).


Please login to the game before Nov 21 22:59, 2018(PT)  to pick up the gift.


Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.