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Compensation for Launch Celebration Special Bonus[Addendum]

The notice on Sept 27, "Service Begins for Dragalia Lost" incorrectly announced the end date of the Launch celebration special bonus. The bonus concluded atOct 31 7:59, 2018(PT) instead of Oct 30 22:59, 2018(PT).
150 Wyrmite will be given as a form of recompense if you:
1. Received the launch celebration special bonus less than seven times
2. Had logged into the game between Oct 30 23:00, 2018(PT) and Oct 31 07:59, 2018(PT)
We will update this notice once the recompense has been distributed.

Addendum Nov 16 2:30, 2018(PT)

150 Wyrmites have been sent out to the affected players.
Please pick them up by Nov 23 1:59, 2018(PT).

Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.