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Announcing the Platinum Showcase!

The Platinum Showcase is set to start on Nov 21 23:00, 2018(PT).
The Platinum Showcase is a limited summon showcase that works similar to a Tenfold Summon, in that one summon will get you 10 results. The difference between a regular Tenfold Summon and the Platinum Showcase is that a 5★ adventurer, wyrmprint, or dragon is guaranteed to appear. Whether you get an adventurer, a wyrmprint, or a dragon depends on when you do your summon.
There are defined periods for the 5★ Adventurer Guaranteed, the 5★ Wyrmprint Guaranteed, and the 5★ Dragon Guaranteed summons. During each period, players are limited to doing the Platinum Showcase summon only once, and these summons can only be performed with diamantium (purchase required).
Platinum Showcase durations:
・5★ Adventurer Guaranteed:
Nov 21 23:00, 2018(PT) to Nov 24 22:59, 2018(PT)
・5★ Wyrmprint Guaranteed:
Nov 24 23:00, 2018(PT) to Nov 27 22:59, 2018(PT)
・5★ Dragon Guaranteed:
Nov 27 23:00, 2018(PT) to Nov 30 22:59, 2018(PT)
1. For information other than what is posted in this update, as well as summoning appearance rates, tap Summon in the footer menu, then check Appearance Rates and Showcase Info.
2. If a summon results in a character you already have, you will receive Eldwater instead of the character. The amount of Eldwater you receive will vary depending on the character's ★number.
Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost!