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Avenue to Power Master difficulty, adjustments to stamina/getherwings required

Please note that the game data will be updated around Dec 11 22:00, 2018(PT).
Details are as follows.
■Details of the data update:
・ Master difficulty added to Avenue to Power and Avenue to Fortune.
We will be adding Master difficulty to the Avenue to Power and Avenue to Fortune event quests.
Avenue to Power: Master   - Required Might: 7500
Avenue to Fortune: Master - Required Might: 6700
Stamina required for Master: 15
Note: Participating as a guest in co-op requires two getherwings.
You'll be able to earn even more fabulous in-game rewards in these difficulties, so raise your might to challenge them!
・ Adjustments to stamina required for Avenue to Power and Avenue to Fortune:
We will be adjusting the stamina expended for each difficulty to make it easier to challenge them.
Stamina for Beginner:   5 → 4
Stamina for Standard: 10 → 8
Stamina for Expert:     15 → 12
・ Adjustments to getherwings required for Standard difficulty co-op in Avenue to Power and Avenue to Fortune:
Getherwings for Standard: 2 → 1
■ Notes:
When the data is updated, an in-game message saying "A new version is available" may appear. However, please note that while new data will be downloaded, there will be no client update.
Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.