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About the recent login issue [Addendum]

We have confirmed an issue where players were unable to login between Dec 17 21:30, 2018(PT) and Dec 17 21:40, 2018(PT), when a "New data is available" message was displayed.
This issue has now been resolved.
We are currently investigating its cause, and will add any additional information to this notice.
[Addendum Dec 18 00:15, 2018(PT)]


As a token of appreciation for your understanding and patience, we have sent the following gift to players who have started the game before Dec 17 21:40, 2018(PT).

・150 wyrmite

This gift will be sent to the goodie box of players who log in before Dec 24 21:39, 2018(PT). It can be accepted for 7 days after reception.

Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.