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Issue With Wyrmprint Effects [Addendum]

We have confirmed an issue where the "Greatest Gift" wyrmprint's effects were not applied when repeating a quest right after clearing it with a skip ticket.
This issue was fixed on Dec 20 19:40, 2018(PT).
■Time of issue
Dec 16 22:00, 2018(PT)~Dec 20 19:40, 2018(PT)
■Compensation gifts
We have sent compensation gifts to affected users on Dec 21 4:05, 2018(PT), as per below.
Users who could not get the expected amount of XP when playing quests during the time of issue and who match all of the conditions below have received quantities of Honey and skip tickets equivalent to the stamina and skip tickets they have consumed.
・Used skip tickets to clear quests during the time of issue
・Used a team with characters other than the Prince
・Had the "Greatest Gift" wyrmprint equipped
■About the Honey quantities
We sent affected users 1 Honey for each 10 stamina points consumed, rounded up.
Users who consumed 10 stamina points received 1 Honey.
Users who consumed 11 stamina points received 2 Honey.

[Addendum Dec 27 22:00, 2018(PT)]

It has come to our attention that eligible players who had set the Prince as their Helper character did not receive the compensation gifts sent out on Dec 21 2:05, 2018(PT).
We have now sent the corresponding quantities of skip tickets and honey to these players as well.

Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.