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Welcome Pack Content Update!

The contents of the Welcome Pack, available in the Shop, were updated at Dec 24 22:00, 2018(PT)!
The Welcome Pack is a special pack containing a 5★ Summon Voucher, which guarantees summoning a 5★ adventurer, and diamantium (1200 + 300 bonus).
■ Updated content:
・ The purchase count restriction for the Welcome Pack has been changed from one time to two times.
・ Lily, Naveed, Louise, and Lucretia have been added to the roster of adventurers you can summon with a 5★ Summon Voucher.
■ Welcome Pack details:
For more information about the Welcome Pack, select Shop on the menu at the bottom of the Home screen, then select Value Packs and tap Purchase.
Note: The Welcome Pack will not actually be purchased unless you tap Purchase on the confirmation screen that follows.
■ Notes:
1. You cannot summon limited-time adventurers using the 5★ Summon Voucher.
2.  If a summon results in an adventurer you already have, you will receive Eldwater instead of the adventurer.
3. If you have already purchased the Welcome Pack, you will be able to purchase it one more time.
4. The schedule and content may change without warning.
Thank you for playing the Dragalia Lost game.