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Regarding the Getherwing Consumption in the "Dream Big Under the Big Top" Event's Extra Boss Battles [Addendum]

We have found an issue in the "Dream Big Under the Big Top" event, where 1 Getherwing is consumed when playing an Extra Boss Battle as a guest.
We are currently fixing this issue.
We will send affected players a number of Getherwings equal to that which get consumed while this issue is happening.
Any further updates on this issue will be added to this notice.
Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.
[Addendum Jan 15 3:10, 2019(PT)]
This issue was fixed in the data update applied on Jan 15 2:40, 2019(PT).
As a token of our appreciation for your patience and understanding, we will send all players who have played Extra Boss Battles as guests before Jan 15 2:40, 2019(PT) an equivalent number of Ethon Ashes.
Players who log in before Jan 22 2:39, 2019(PT) can claim this gift from their goodie boxes for up to 7 days after reception.
Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost.