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Flame-Attuned Adventurer Upgrade Event Is Now Live!

The flame-attuned adventurer upgrade event is live as of Feb 13 22:00, 2019(PT)!
The Flamehowl Ruins (Beginner/Standard/Expert) event quest, where you can obtain items for upgrading flame-attuned adventurers, is open for the duration of this event, and the Daily Bonus for Flamehowl Ruins is doubled.
But that's not all... The Daily Bonus for Flamehowl Ruins will be quadrupled when the 7-Day Pack (Double Bonus) is in effect! With all these bonuses, you'll really be cooking with fire!
■Event Duration
Feb 13 22:00, 2019(PT) to Feb 21 21:59, 2019(PT)
The schedule and content may change without warning.
Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost!