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New Summon Showcase, Ardent Admirers, Is Now Live!

A new Summon Showcase, Ardent Admirers, went live Feb 13 22:00, 2019(PT)!

The showcase features limited-time adventurers and wyrmprints, as well as new non-limited dragons and wyrmprints. Featured adventurers, dragons, and wyrmprints also have an increased appearance rate!

Note: The newly-added 5★ dragon, Prometheus (flame), and 4★ wyrmprint, Entwined Flames, will continue to appear in summon showcases after this showcase.

Limited-Time Adventurers and Wyrmprints:

5★ Hildegarde (Valentine's version) (flame/staff)
4★ Ezelith (Valentine's version) (flame/bow)
3★ Orion (Valentine's version) (flame/sword)

5★ The Chocolatiers
5★ The Rose Prince
3★ To My Beloved

New Dragon and Wyrmprint:

5★ Prometheus (flame)

4★ Entwined Flames

Availability period for featured summons:
From Feb 13 22:00, 2019(PT) to Feb 21 21:59, 2019(PT)

Get a closer look at some of the featured adventurers, dragons, and wyrmprints below.

Featured Adventurer

Adventurer details
Hildegarde has donned an elegant gown for Valentine's, which gives her a mature allure.
Supposedly it's the first time she has ever worn one, and more than one person has caught her
wistfully starting at herself in a mirror...

Featured Dragon

Dragon details
A powerful dragon who inherited the Primal Flame. He believes the strong have a duty to
protect the weak, yet his great power once hurt those he swore to save. Ever since that day,
he has kept his distance from humanity.

Featured Wyrmprints

1. For more information about summoning, tap Summon on the in-game footer menu, then select Showcase Info and check the Details tab.
2. For information about featured adventurers, dragons, and wyrmprints, tap Summon on the in-game footer menu, then select Showcase Info and check the More Info tab, or select Appearance Rates and check the Appearance Rates section.
3. The event schedule and content may change without warning.

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