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A Bonus Gift for Reaching 1,000,000 Pre-Registered Users

Dragalia Lost has reached 1,000,000 pre-registered users! Thank you to everyone who took the time to pre-register to receive information about the game's launch.

As a bonus, we'll be giving all users an additional gift of 1,000 wyrmite. When combined with the gift for reaching 500,000 pre-registered users, everyone will get a total of 2,500 wyrmite at the start of service!

■The gift:
2,500 wyrmite.

■Who gets it:
Anyone who starts playing Dragalia Lost.

■How to claim it:
After the game's prologue, you can claim the wyrmite from your goodie box via the Home screen. If it doesn't appear in your goodie box, return to the title screen and try again.

Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost!