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Service Begins for Dragalia Lost

Service for Dragalia Lost begins starting today!
We hope you enjoy your time in the world that awaits you.

To commemorate the start of service, there will be a celebratory log-in bonus, as well as Jumpstart Endeavors. Read on for more info!

Celebratory log-in bonus:
Each day you log in during the availability period, for up to seven days, you'll receive 150 wyrmite (that's enough for one summon!).

■Availability Period:
From the start of service until 2018/10/31 07:59(PT)

Jumpstart Endeavors:
You'll get in-game rewards for completing Jumpstart Endeavors within the availability period. These rewards include wyrmite and mana, which you can use to power up your adventurers.

If you complete all Jumpstart Endeavors, you can earn a Tenfold Summon Voucher!

■Availability Period:
From when you first log in until 14 days have passed.
Example: If you first log in on 10/1(Monday) 00:00, you would have until 10/14(Sunday) 23:59.

The details of the log-in bonus and Jumpstart Endeavor, as well as the availability period, may change without notice.

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