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Updates Concerning Ongoing Issues

We are currently looking into some known issues within the game. At the same time, we have received many feedback from players regarding various issues. As a token of our gratitude, we will be sending the following to all players who have started the game before Oct 5 00:00(PT).

・ 3 summon vouchers
・ 150 wyrmite

The items above will be sent to your goodies box. If they don’t appear in the goodies box, try returning to the title screen and then check the goodies box from the home menu once again.

Thank you for your support.

Please read below for details of the issues.

・The game stops during the tutorial in Chapter 2 / 2-1 "The Sylvan Archer."
・Texts in Traditional Chinese don't appear correctly in the event quest "High Midgardsormr's Trial."
・ Detailed information for helpers' stats is not being reflected correctly at the start of quests.
・ The left-right chapter change button on the Chapter Select screen is not responding
・ Goodies temporarily become impossible to select after viewing the content tutorial at the end of chapter 6. They will become selectable again after returning to the title screen, and then proceeding to the home screen.
・ The recommended might for quests shown in Tips is not accurate.
・ Some of the items that can drop on quests aren't displaying in the Quest Drop Reward column on the quest's detail screen.

・ The game sometimes stops progressing after creating a room during the multiplayer tutorial. This may be fixed by disconnecting from any connected VPN services, or by disabling low power mode.
・ A skill that lowers enemy stats used by some characters may have a stronger effect than it should in multiplayer.
・ Playing multiplayer on an unstable Wi-Fi connection may result in connection drops. To help prevent this, please play on a stable connection.
・ At the start of quests in which your required might is too low, the message is mistakenly displayed as Recommended Might rather than "Required Might".
・ The left/right buttons on the left and right of the sticker screen during quests are unresponsive. However, you can still move between screens by swiping.
・ After a quest has ended, selecting Yes to continue playing with the same players sometimes returns you to the Home screen.

・ A pop-up message that says "Support Code: 406" sometimes appears after tapping Cancel when purchasing items such as diamantium. And when attempting to purchase again, a message stating that a purchase is being processed (Support Code: 24001) appears, preventing the purchase. Nothing is billed because the cancellation has been processed correctly. Please wait a few moments before purchasing again.
・ A pop-up message that says "Support Code: 0" sometimes appears when purchasing items such as diamantium. And when attempting to purchase again, a message that says there's an incomplete purchase appears, preventing the purchase. Tapping the Complete Purchase button at the bottom of the screen may fix this issue.

・ Ranzal's Storm Wall skill effect and skill description do not match.
・ Stances of Mikoto's Ravenous Fire skill sometimes don't become disabled when they're supposed to.

・ There are instances of the game crashing on certain devices.
・ When playing with multiple devices through a linked Nintendo account, items sometimes can't be purchased when a purchase is made with the other device.
・ The game stops progressing sometimes at the mana circle menu. Restarting the app may fix the issue.
・ The number of stamina recovery times sometimes does not display correctly after recovering stamina with diamantium.
・ Weapons, wyrmprints, and dragons equipped to helpers can actually be sold and used as leveling/unbinding materials.
・ When displaying the weapon-dismantling screen, weapons accepted as goodies are not immediately reflected in the Weapons list. Returning to the Home screen and displaying the Weapons list will add them.
・ When unbinding weapons, accepting upgrade materials from goodies to make the necessary number doesn't let you select the Unbind button.
・ The Jumpstart Endeavors notification remains on the Home screen even after completing them all.
・ In the Halidom, Info and Level Up sometimes aren’t displayed when a facility is selected. Tapping an area other than the concerned facility fixes the issue.
・ There are cases where Pending Requests does not display notifications when there is a friend request.
・ Malka's Japanese voice actor is incorrectly stated as Katsuyuki Konishi instead of Masakazu Morita.
・ In-game cutscenes are not playing in some instances on some devices.
・ After summoning and returning to the summon top screen, part of the summon introduction movie doesn't play on some devices.

We plan to fix the issues above in future updates.

Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost!