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Gameplay Balance Adjustments in Loyalty's Requiem【Modified Oct 6 04:30(PT) 】

Gameplay balance adjustments will be made in the current raid event Loyalty's Requiem opening from  Oct 3 23:00(PT). 

Please read below for details of the adjustments.


Oct 5 00:00(PT)


・ Increases the rate of appearance of Phraeganoth Clash: Special.

・ Increases the amount of gold emblems obtainable from Phraeganoth Clash: Special and Expert.

We will keep you updated on the supplementary items in the Notices menu.


【Modified Oct 6 04:30(PT) 】

The above-mentioned adjustments in the raid event Loyalty's Requiem have been made at Oct 5 00:00(PT).
We have sent gold emblems based on the number of times finishing Phraeganoth Clash: Special and Expert to the players who have finished the above-mentioned event before Oct 5 00:00(PT).

The gold emblems are sent to your goodies box.  Please accept the items by Oct 21 21:59(PT).

Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost!