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Gameplay Balance Adjustments in Loyalty's Requiem【Modified Oct 6 04:30(PT) 】

Gameplay balance adjustments will be made in the current raid event Loyalty's Requiem opening from  Oct 3 23:00(PT). 

Please read below for details of the adjustments.


Oct 5 00:00(PT)


・ Increases the rate of appearance of Phraeganoth Clash: Special.

・ Increases the amount of gold emblems obtainable from Phraeganoth Clash: Special and Expert.

We are considering sending supplementary items in association with the adjustments mentioned above. We will keep you updated on the supplementary items in the Notices menu.


【Modified Oct 6 04:30(PT) 】

The above-mentioned adjustments in the raid event Loyalty's Requiem have been made at Oct 5 00:00(PT).
We have sent gold emblems based on the number of times finishing Phraeganoth Clash: Special and Expert to the players who have finished the above-mentioned event before Oct 5 00:00(PT).

The gold emblems are sent to your goodies box.  Please accept the items by Oct 21 21:59(PT).

Thank you for playing Dragalia Lost!