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Update Notification [Addendum]

Update 1.0.6 is now available to download. You may install it right now, otherwise it will be automatically installed at approximately Oct 16 20:00(PT).
Version 1.0.6 brings additional features focused on the new event, as well as various improvements and fixes.
To celebrate the new event, we will be sending everyone a tenfold summon voucher. This announcement will be modified after these vouchers have been distributed.
Here are some more details about this update:
・Preparations for the start of the “Trick or Treasure!” event
■Additional Features and Improvements:
・Players can now set Quick-Turn options to on or off in the Game tab of the Options menu.
・In the Upgrade menus, characters, weapons, dragons, and wyrmprints which have been upgraded to their maximum level will be indicated by a mask covering their icons.
・After a co-op game, the timer to choose whether to battle again with the same players or not has been shortened to 40 seconds.
・A camera button has been added to the Continue screen of co-op games, which allows you to spectate the battle.
・The movement arrow displayed when sliding your finger along the screen during quests has been shortened.
・The summon appearance rate screen’s layout has been adjusted.
The following issues have been fixed:
・Players being unable to progress during the tutorial in Ch. 2/2-1 “The Sylvan Archer”
・Players being unable to progress after creating a room in the co-op tutorial
・A co-op game host’s co-ability not taking effect when a guest has the strongest version of the same co-ability
・Quests not completing when a boss is defeated while asleep or stunned 
・The display for the stamina recovery times may be reset within a day despite being the same date
・Getting stuck when clearing an event quest after the event period has expired
・An error message being displayed when attempting to purchase diamantium to continue a quest
・Certain actions during the wyrmprint unbinding animation causing the header and/or footer to disappear
・The Unbind button in the wyrmprint details screen getting unlocked before wyrmprint upgrading becomes available, leading to other possible errors
・The Jumpstart Endeavors’ icon and remaining days disappearing when purchasing the Welcome Pack
・High Midgardsormr’s Trial’s tutorial sometimes activating after giving up during Midgardsormr’s Trial: Master
・High Midgardsormr’s Trial’s treasure trade sometimes getting unlocked even though High Mirdgardsormr’s Trial is still locked
・Characters continuing to move on their own when switching from auto-play to manual play while in mid-dash
・With Mikoto as a support character, Flare Stance and Ruin Stance not being displayed when Ravenous Fire (Ruin) hits
・Being unable to move until being struck after canceling a certain attack during Mikoto’s Flare Stance
・Mikoto’s stance persisting indefinitely after missing an enemy with Ravenous Fire (Ruin) while either Flare Stance or Ruin Stance is active
・Rawn’s level 2 and 3 Fiend Crush skill not correctly reducing enemy strength
・The following axes’ level 2 skills not activating their second hit:
  • Crimsonclaw
  • Traitor’s Despair
  • The Tyrant
・The following types of skills not being used by AI characters:
  • Buffing skills
  • Certain recovery skills (recovery skills with additional effects other than regeneration)
It may take some time for the update information to be reflected in the store.
You may not be able to perform the update if your device's data cache is full.
If you are unable to perform the update, please restart your device, wait a few minutes, and try to download it from the store once more.
To be added Oct 16 20:30(PT)

The following will be sent to players who started the game by Oct 16 20:00(PT)

・Tenfold Summon Voucher x1

This will be sent to your goodies box when you log in, and you can claim it until Oct 23 19:59(PT). This is seven days after it's sent to your goodie box.