■Pre-registering with a Nintendo account:
Sign in to your Nintendo Account and select the pre-registration button to complete registration.
If you are not yet signed in, you can sign in by selecting the pre-registration button.

You will be notified via e-mail when the game is available.
Note: If you have opted out of receiving promotional e-mails from Nintendo, you will not receive this e-mail.
To opt in for these e-mails, from your Nintendo Account settings page, select Other Settings > Promotional e-mails, and check the box marked "Promotional e-mails from Nintendo with special offers, game news, and more" and "Invitation e-mails to complete surveys".
■Pre-registration via the App Store
You can pre-register through the App Store by selecting Pre-Order on the Dragalia Lost page.
You will receive a push notification when the game is available to download.
■Pre-registering via Google Play
You can pre-register via Google Play from the official Dragalia Lost page. You will be notified via a Google Play push notification when the game is available.
■Pre-registration period:
Begins Thursday, 8/30/2018. The day before the game is available for download!
■How pre-registered users are calculated:
The total number of pre-registered users is calculated as the sum total of all users pre-registering across all services.
■Campaign Notes
  1. Each user may claim special offers made available through this campaign just once each. Special offers must be claimed from within the game after the download period has started.
  2. Countries/regions eligible for this campaign are Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and the United States. Any other countries/territories are not eligible.
  3. The availability of this campaign may change without notice. In such an event, this company bears no responsibility.